Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Return.... Dun Dun Dun!!

           Ok so I am back at Northwestern for my "transplant" phase of procedure. What it basically involves is reintroducing the stem cells they harvested earlier back into my blood stream. To do this several days are needed to get my immune system to a completely neutropenic state meaning killing off all the Neutrophils in my blood stream Neutrphils are what primarily make up a large part of my white blood cell and are responsible for fighting infections. Unfortunately these white blood cells and Neutrophils are also partially responsible for what is attacking my nerve sheath and causing all the damage in the first place. So this week will consist of neutralizing my immune system completely so that they can reintroduce them on the 21st otherwise know as my birthday. They call it your new birthday because the condition of your immune system is so closely to that of a new born child without any pre-programmed immune response.

          Sorry it has been so long since my last update they just started right in on placing the PICC line in my arm and starting the drugs needed to reduce my immune system and stage me for the reintroduction of my stem cells. In addition to the chemo needed to reduce my immune system many other drugs are used to help with the process ranging from things like ATG rabbit antibodies to simple things to help with the nausea. Today was my last day of chemo and for the next two days they will be just giving me antibodies, antibiotics, and assorted buffers while waiting for my immune system completely shutdown. Monday will be that goal date and I am told they will re-infuse all the stem cells they harvested from me previously. Again sorry for the lapse in posting and updating pictures but I am very, very tired and unable to do much, however I will promise to get some pictures out when they re-infuse the stem cells and give an update Monday.    

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