Thursday, April 19, 2012

Stem Cell Harvest Day!!!!

Today was my last Neopogen injection yay, that was a new and different kind of pain I have never felt before.

Shortly after that I went over to the Hospital for a blood test and then into Interventional radiology for the Vas Cath placement.  This line was placed in my jugular vein which is in the neck and then run down into my heart. That procedure is not the funnest thing I could of thought of to do with my day but oh well what can you do.
After that I went to another floor to sit on a plasmaphersis machine for about 3 hours to collect the stem cells and some plasma. I then had to wait for the bag of stem cells to be taken down to the lab and counted. After the count came back good they removed the central line and sent me home.The two bags on my lap are what they collected, the yellowish one is  the stem cells and the dark one is plasma, they will also use the plasma to store the stem cells.  I have a small test on monday then Im going to fly home so this will probably be my last blog until I come back for the transplant were they will turn my immune system off and then give me my stem cells back but more on that later. =)

BY THE WAY  I was required to produce 2 million stem cells for the procedure and I produced about 13.8 million my first time around. I am a stem cell producing stud!!  =)    Here are some pics for your enjoyment.



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