Monday, April 9, 2012

Mobilization Day

For more in depth reading I will be creating hyperlinks on certain words look for them for definitions and fun facts. What can I say I'm bored!

           Mobilization day consist of about two days as an in-patient. They call it mobilization day because its the first stage and first drugs that are required to "mobilize" the stems cells out of the bone marrow and into the general blood stream. The next couple of weeks will consist of giving myself injections back at the condo which will further stimulate the manufacturing and release of the my stem cells. Below are some pictures of my hospital room the beautiful view overlooking Lake Michigan and pics of multiple pumps, bags and lines. We actually had to disperse the volume of the three IV pumps over both arms because I infiltrated a nice radial vein  =(    The catheter either slipped out, or the vessel just couldn't handle the volume. Either way I looked like a Borg. (for you sci-fi fans out there) Today was a pretty big dose of chemo even though it was only for one day and I won't have it again till March 1st or 2nd. It was also accompanied by lots of anti-nausea medication followed by way to many rounds of diuretics. My next post will probably be back at the condo giving myself the Neupogen Injections......  Until then enjoy some of the pictures below.



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  1. Keep up the good work!! Your strong and im sure your doin great:) Miss Ya friend:(