Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Reinfusion-Transplant Day- Monday

Transplant Day!!!!

            Well this is the day all the hard work long battles with insurance companies, and many trips to Chicago have been for, the reinnfusion of my stem cells back into my blood supply and bone marrow. The team came in about noon and consisted of an RN, Amy Morgan APRN, Dr. Richard Burt MD and a lab tech to defrost the stem cells. The tech comes in with the stems in a cryogenic freezer confirms the paperwork to make sure they are indeed mine and defrost them in some warm water.

Checking to make sure their mine!

Defrosting the stem cells.

    The stem cells were then placed in a special IV pump with everyone closly observing the process. Dr. Burt slowed the rate down due to the fact the I think I said something like I think my head is going to exploded. A big thanks to Amy Morgan for her helping me to breathe and calming me down during this part. After the rate was slowed I felt much better with a little nausea, it took about 30 min for the whole process. A little anticlimactic in comparison to the whole process but still a big day and a happy one.

The red bag are my stem cells

The Right pump has my stem cells.

Dr. Burt monitoring the progress.
Amy reminding me to breath through it.

Happy Dad after infusion!
Happy Amy after I leveled out..

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