Friday, April 6, 2012


Well we have arrive in Chicago, Dad and I have had a few days to catch up on sleep and settle into our condo. We have visited the local grocery stores and stalked up on goodies. Ready for mobilization on Monday.
Mailing address is:
Daniel Gibler
30 E Huron St. Suite 2610, Chicago IL ZIP. 60647

A quick video of my doctor and an autoimmune disease called scleroderma.


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Below are pics of our condo here in Chicago

Living Room

Main Bedroom


Living Room



  1. Hey, its almost like a vacation! Almost......
    Thinking of you. J.O.

  2. Hey Cuz, I'm so glad you created a blog so that we can follow what is going on. It all seemed so confusing before, so it's good to get some clarification. The condo looks awesome and your views from the hospital room are amazing. Keep on keeping us posted and I'll be sending positive vibes!!

  3. Daniel, so happy to hear that you are getting this opportunity! And your digs look sweet. Keep up the blog so we all know how it's going. Darren and I will be sending some good vibes your way too :-D

  4. Hey Daniel - Keep up the good attitude and good work. I have great connections with the GUY up above so you are on the top of my list when I say my prayers. I am an adopted sis to your mom. I am the other "ICK". She will tell you about it, I am sure. I will be watching for your "birth day" on Monday and sending you hugs.
    Best, Micki (the other ICK)