Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Sorry I haven't updated the blog in a while I have just been exhausted. I flew back into California on Friday, which was an event in of itself. I have been at the house just resting, and every day gets a little better. The fevers and headaches that were continues are down to just a couple of times a day so hopefully that's a sign that white and red counts are coming back to baseline. I want to thank EVERYONE for their support and continued support in this little adventure I took. First my Father John for all his sacrifice and help, he was with me the entire time several plane flights back and forth to Chicago moving around to different lodgings, and most importantly staying with me every day in the hospital and one bad night! Thank you so much DAD!!!  Love you!!  My family Mother, Grandma, Katie, Teri for her support and countless trips to the airport, and friends also played no small part in this without a support system something this intense would not be possible.  Love you all and  THANK YOU!!

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